How to stay sane and stylish in lockdown

We are living in crazy times. Right now, more than ever we all need to don our super women capes and stay safe, sane, strong and… yes, stylish. Why? Because are clothes have the power to make us feel better and to help us emotionally get through this. Wonder Woman didn’t save the world in her pyjamas did she!!!!!

We have to use all we have right now to help us through and our clothes can make such a difference to our wellbeing, mood and productivity. We get dressed every day and it is up to us to choose to put our positive pants on and rock those zoom calls, survive knee deep in paint and play dough or simply feel help us feel comforted and like us again, as we embark on this new stay at home lifestyle. I am not saying you have to commute to your living room in your heels or tackle the supermarket shop in a ball gown, but by having a wardrobe full of clothes that you love and know how to wear, that suit you, your style and your shape and you know how to mix and match to create effortless and versatile outfit options, WILL help you through this.

Wonder Woman didn’t save the world in pyjamas did she!

It might sound trivial, and some might still argue that clothes are somewhat low down on the priority list during such a global pandemic, but I disagree. My clothes make me feel like me again. The very act of getting dressed makes me feel like there is reason for my day. What I choose to wear varies from day to day depending on my mood and what I am attempting to achieve that day.

I’m donning my virtual cape every day, in order to help other women just like me who are facing the toughest emotional rollercoaster of their lives. Yes we can meditate, yes we can eat to boost our immunity and we can immerse ourselves in yoga online, but I know clothes and how they can also help.

So if your wardrobe isn’t working for you right now, is full of clothes you never wear, you just need some guidance on what is going to work for you and your new lifestyle or could do with some online personal shopping, then I am here to help. At the other end of your phone or computer…

Cape tied. Knee boots on.

(All my styling services, including wardrobe workouts, style consultations, personal shopping and my group style parties are ALL now available virtually and being done ONLINE via Zoom and FaceTime)