Face Masks

my MASK – your fabric, your style

Sustainable, bespoke, stylish face masks handmade to order from your own cotton fabric or our selection of upcycled and pre-loved fabrics… my MASKS are upcycled and reusable – protecting you, us and our planet

my MASKS are upcycled from your unwanted cotton clothes or fabrics or our upcycled fabrics

  • 100% cotton (or linen) front layer (from your wardrobe, or we can supply upcycled fabric)
  • Sustainably sourced silk lining
  • Both layers interfaced with non-woven interlining
  • Your fabric upcycled into our in-house tailored designed mask, at our studio in the Cotswolds
  • Reusable and washable at 60 degrees
  • 3 sizes – women, men and children

Face masks? Why face masks Sophie? Yes I am a personal stylist and a personal shopper, I love accessories, colour and print, making sustainable style choices and extending the life of our clothes, but I also happen to fall into that awful category of ‘extremely vulnerable’ and the ‘shielding’ group when it comes to Covid-19.

Wearing a face mask is so very, very important to me. And while its main purpose for us all is as an additional form of protection, I for one, want to feel good when I’m wearing my mask. In my book, it is also another accessory and with prime position on my face, as well as being as protective as possible for a non-medical grade mask, I want something that still makes me feel like me, that is made from 100% natural and breathable fabrics, reusable and which is comfortable yet stylish. So what better place to start than my own wardrobe…

After much planning, research and samples I am so pleased to share a concept, design, service and mask with you that has been part of my shielding journey over the last few months…

I have teamed up with wonderful local dressmaker Catharina Eden from My Eden, and together we have come up with a unique tailored face mask design which is hand made to order from your very own cotton fabric. Your cotton fabric (we can also supply upcycled cotton and linen fabric) forms the front layer of the mask which acts as a mechanical barrier to particles, this is interfaced with non-woven interlining which acts as an additional filter and aids our unique and comfortable sculpted design and the back layer is made from sustainably sourced silk lining (also interfaced).

After doing many a virtual wardrobe edit with women during lockdown and seeing time and time again women with clothes they love bit just don’t fit anymore, or people with sentimental hand me downs, I started to think about ways to elongate the life of these clothes and save them from landfill.

Disposable masks are also becoming a terrifying threat to our oceans and planet and are already contributing to a lot of plastic waste. So it is crucial for me to do what I can to spread the message that reusable masks are a must for us all and offer people an option to not only buy a reusable mask but one which is made from materials already in existence.

Instead of buying single use disposable masks which end up in the bin, and worse threatening our oceans and planet or getting rid of all your old clothes, why not have a lookout any cotton fabrics you already own and find something you own which we could upcycle and redesign into your very own, unique face masks…

Masks: £16.50 each

(Minimum order 2 masks – we believe any cotton mask is most effective for a couple of hours as moisture can get in and they become less effective. We advise rotating masks for maximum efficiency and longevity. We can make up to 8 masks from one shirt and unused fabric will be stored for any future orders).

Email mystylishfriend@gmail.com to order or for more information

NB. These masks are not medical grade.

Please do get in touch if you would like to know more about my MASKS, see our current selection of fabrics available or to orders your masks.
Thanks, Sophie