About me

Hello! I am Sophie – a Mummy, stylist and writer living near Cheltenham in the Cotswolds a.k.a My Stylish Friend

Before I became “mummy” five years ago, and before my life and body was taken over by two very large bumps, I was Sophie the stylist and writer, living the high life in Dubai. In a nut shell, I worked as Fashion and Beauty Editor for HELLO! Magazine, stylist for TV commercials, advertising campaigns and magazines including Time Out, as well as personal styling and shopping including for a member of the Dubai royal family. Those were the days… When personal shopping in Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales or interviewing Manolo Blahnik were just regular days at work!

HELLO! Manolo B Nov 09John Galliano interview

After having my first child Leo, I continued to freelance as a magazine writer and stylist back in the UK, living now in the Cotswolds, but when my twins Amelie and Archie came along, work became the last thing on my mind. For the past few years I have been lost in a world of tandem breast feeding, jealous toddler mania, way too little sleep and way too much poo under my finger nails.

Now, after nearly five extremely tiring years giving myself more than 100% to my children and answering simply to “Muuuummmmy” more times a day than anyone should be expected to cope with, I have decided it is time for Sophie to emerge again…

So as My Stylish Friend, I hope to help my fellow ladies stay sane and stylish – whether you are a high flying career woman with no time to shop, a working or stay at home mum who has lost her style, pregnant or a new mum with some extra baggage, I am here to help. I can offer style tips galore, new season fashion advice and will help you find your style and confidence or recapture it.

As well as one-on-one personal styling and personal shopping sessions,  I specialise in group styling parties as a fun, informal and affordable way for you and your friends (mum group, antenatal group, work colleagues or baby shower etc.) to get the unique style advice you are after…