Declutter, discover and define your wardrobe and new ways to wear it… This whole session can be done online and virtually.

Let me help you sort out your wardrobe, so rather than reaching for the same old clothes everyday, feeling overwhelmed by your clothes but with nothing to wear, or feeling a need to buy more; why not look at what you’ve got already and learn what is working for you and how you can enjoy wearing it all. Together (over Zoom/Facetime/Skype) we can declutter and streamline your wardrobe, store it all correctly and create a versatile wardrobe full of inspiring mix and match outfits and help you find new ways to wear and style what you already have, to make you feel and look amazing every day.


I come to you and we go through your entire wardrobe, try everything on, work out what is working for you, what you want your wardrobe to achieve and I build from there… I share a few simple but very effective steps to creating a streamlined and curated wardrobe where everything works for you, your body and lifestyle, fits (today!), makes you feel fab and can be effortlessly mixed and matched for dressing ease day to day. If something doesn’t fit or feels a little shabby then we first consider repair or alteration, then its to the donate, recycle, sell or store pile.

By the end of our session, you will:

  • Understand what is working for you in your wardrobe and not (and why)
  • Have an edited collection of ‘yes’ clothes, which become the starting point of your new ‘curated’ and ‘stylish’ go-to wardrobe
  • A list of the styles and shapes which are working for you
  • Ideas on how to style and put your existing clothes together
  • A list of outfit formulas which you can replicate across your wardrobe
  • A colour palette to work from
  • A wish list of missing items, updates and wardrobe staples
  • A no pile of clothes to donate/sell, a store pile, a repair pile
  • My Stylish Profile (document detailing all of the above)

This is such a great way to fall back in love with your clothes again, understand your clothes and style and to feel more confident about your style and wardrobe and all without sacrificing the environment or your style.


Min 3 hours: from £195

(The session can be tailored specifically to your needs, and varies in length depending on your wardrobe and your requirements. Minimum 3 hours required.)