The importance of a workwear wardrobe

Credit: Pinterest

As I embark on my first day of 2019 (well sacred few hours should I say) childfree and back to work, I had to think about what to wear… I have spent the last few weeks in PJs for a considerable number of the morning hours, followed by all things sparkly for the rest of them, but now that I am trying to get back to some kind of normality and productivity, I realised it is time to revert back to my go-to uniform. My children are back in theirs, I might as well step back into mine.

I work from home. I could just get productive with my mum bun and PJs or get fully made up and power-dressed, complete with statement earrings and killer heels, but for me, I like the simplicity, style and comfort of MY go-to uniform.

I love wearing my denim jumpsuit as I don’t have to think (credit: Pinterest)

For at home admin days such as today, my uniform consists of a denim jumpsuit and hi-tops, boyfriend jeans, tee, blazer and animal print ankle boots or luxe joggers, sweater and white trainers. Something along those lines. I know I can just throw these outfits on without any thought. Not too scruffy and not too formal. Getting dressed in the morning is easy and stress free (a must when you have three children to coax into their uniforms!)

Luxe joggers and a sweater look chic and stylish teamed with a leather jacket (credit: Pinterest)

I have curated a work wardrobe… and it is basically just a few simple and trusted outfit formulas which I have come to rely on and love. They are comfortable, functional and make me feel and look good. Whether you work in a high-profile corporate lawyers, for a local charity or at home, the clothes you choose to wear are so important as they make you feel a certain way. Our clothes give off a statement of who we are. They can be a comfort blanket, our armour. If you are lucky enough to have the choice of your uniform, spend time understanding what you want to wear, how you want to feel and embrace this. Curate a uniform that makes you feel and look like YOU, yet a you who means business, one which gives you confidence, is comfortable and functional and makes you ready to face the day.

Jeans and a blazer – so simple and comfy yet so stylish (credit: Pinterest)

Discover your uniform and embrace it. Bring on 2019 – I’m ready and dressed.

What do you like to wear for work? Do you have a go-to uniform?

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