We are all super women

After half a decade of being Mummy, it is time to find me again. With my five year old at school and my twins being looked after at home for a few hours, I find myself sat in the window of my local wine bar (just coffee at 10am sadly), wondering where to start with my fist blog. Writing is my forte, my job… but somehow when it comes to “blogging’, I am a bit lost for words…

How do I put into words how my life has changed over the last five years? I don’t know where to begin when it comes to the emotional and physical changes I have been through since that magic moment I saw the two lines on the stick, to waving goodbye to my baby in the school playground for the first time? For the last five years, I have been on an emotional roller coaster – one that sadly, only fellow parents can understand. Sometimes I feel like a failure, sometimes I feel like Superwoman. I have certainly felt like I have lost myself along the way, but I have survived… So has my marriage and so have my children. So I take that as a success in my book. And I hope I have done so in style.

But now, it is time for more than just survival. Now it is my time, even if just for a few hours once a week or those scared hours after 7pm. I am more than ready to find myself again and I am going to put my knowledge and experience to good use as My Stylish Friend. Every woman deserves to survive and succeed in style… Remember, we are all superheroes!

Sometimes I feel like a failure, sometimes I feel like Superwoman